Hanoi Cycling Vietnam: Cycling to the daily life style of Hanoi people

The former name of Hanoi is Thang Long, or “Flying Dragon” in English, which implicates that everything here is suitable for the establishment of the highest apparatus of government in order to develop the country. The capital has many interesting factors that can be discovered emotionally by a Hanoi Cycling Vietnam tour.


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Cycling Vietnam

Your Vietnam Cycling would be imperfect without visiting Hanoi – the capital of the country embracing original cultures and traditions as well as unique features that make it distinctive from anywhere else.

Old Quarters scattered around dynamic city in your Hanoi Cycling Vietnam

The capital of Vietnam is usually called “Hanoi with 36 guilds and streets”, because these streets are of the most alluring fields in Hanoi attracting foreigners who like finding out the beauty of the past. Travelers can hire a bike to cycle around the Old Quarter located among Long Bien Bridge, Returning Sword Lake and a citadel wall to admire the beauty of 15th century, which is still conserved very well here.

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Each ancient street sells a featured product, for instance, Hang Mam Street deprives its name from a wide range of “mam”, or fish sauce sold here and Hang Dao is home to ready-made clothing. Every corners of Hanoi has a special story inside expressing the culture and a thousand year history. Therefore, it’s so infinite to talk about all characteristics of them that you should figure out yourself by Hanoi Cycling Vietnam.

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Making a Hanoi Cycling Vietnam around Returning Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem Lake) will be a memorable experience, due to its legends, mysteries and distinguished beauty. Located in the heart of Hanoi, the lake has been a holy destination where the giant tortoise lives, which is the incarnate of God Tortoise in people belief. With a greenish water face reflecting the sky, a small red bridge over, the lake is the pride of Hanoians as well as the special impress of visitors.

There are many ancient heritages of Vietnam reserved in Hanoi, so Hanoi Cycling Vietnam tour will help you to contemplate them entirely. For example, cycling about ten minutes from Hoan Kiem Lake, you will pass by Temple of Literature, where honors the doctorates and high rank scholars of Vietnam feudal dynasty, to discover the antique Eastern architecture, Confucius religion as well as the worshiping tradition.

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Hanoi as a live museum in your Hanoi Cycling Vietnam

After more than 1000 years of civilization, Hanoi has changed its face to be suitable with the new era and play the central part of politic, culture and economy of Vietnam. Foreigners may have difficulty moving on some main streets because of traffic jam. The streets in some extent are so narrow for a lot of people trying to rival, which makes travelers feel scared and uncomfortable.

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However, if you want to figure out the prettiness of Hanoi, you shouldn’t avoid some crowded places as markets because all elites of culture are converged here. It’s a great idea to get up early before the sunrise to cycle to Quang Ba and Mai Dich flower market, which are always busy and bustling. Then, when the dawn comes, let’s cycle along the dike of Red river to witness the marvelous beauty of twinkle sunlight on the water.

Ninh Binh Cycling Vietnam

In the afternoon, you can visit small villages around this river and converse with the residents or cycle to Dau Pagoda, But Thap Pagoda and Dong Ho painting village and buy some souvenirs for your family. Finally, you shouldn’t miss Bat Trang lottery village in your Hanoi Cycling Vietnam because there are several interesting things you could learn here, such as how to make a pottery and decorate it.

In conclusion, you should plan to make Hanoi Cycling Vietnam now and travel while you can. Hope to see you here!

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