Crucial tip for a great Vietnam cycling trip

Mekong Trails would like to introduce some tips in hope of creating your great cycling trip in Vietnam.




great Vietnam cycling trip

Only take important things. You can buy items with good price in Vietnam because of things are cheap here. So we suggest that:

  • Pack cotton or fabrics clothes which are light and suitable for the Vietnam weather.
  • Bring some clothes which can protect you from mosquito bite at night.
  • Bring long-lasting and easy to take off clothes.
  • Buy suitable sunscreen and DEET.

Cultural Differences


You should learn to speak some simple sentences such as greeting sentences “Hello” or “Goodbye”. Next, keep in mind to wear appropriate clothes for the specific location. For example, you must wear formal clothes in the church or pagoda. In public place, the permission for taking a photo is essential. And try to be calm in every unexpected situation.

Health Care

  • The heat: drinking 2-3 liters of water each day to prevent a headache or dehydration.
  • Eye problem: always bring your protective sunglasses in order to avoid dust and bacteria.
  • Food and beverage: try various kinds of food but the food must be in high-quality. Clean and peel the vegetables and fruit carefully before using it. Especially, remember to check the tap of the water bottles before drinking. Moreover, checking the food is undercook is also necessary. Additionally, keeping your hand clean is the great way to prevent the virus. You do not want to be in the hospital during your trip, right?
  • Medical treatment: checking our health is one of the most important steps before traveling. Make sure that your body can suffer high temperature in Vietnam. Furthermore, bringing your prescriptions is crucial.
  • Travel insurance: Remember to buy the travel insurance before take-off.

The law

  • Sexual tourism: Vietnam government will pursue internationally people who force others to have sex with them. Especially, child sexual is extremely banned in Vietnam.
  • Drugs: Drugs are not allowed in Vietnam. So you will be in big trouble if you are caught when using.

Custom and Behavior

You should choose suitable clothes in different scenery which is proper with the culture standard. Men should wear decent clothes such as shirt on the formal situation. Women should choose clothes properly such as an elegant dress on the formal events.

  • When you visit church or pagoda, you must hide your shoulders and knees.
  • Remember to ask for the permission of wearing clothes before entering a place.
  • Be careful when touching others head. This action may annoy other people.
  • Do not let your feet touch the furniture or point things.

Have an open mind when someone glances or stare at foreign visitors. That is popular action when Vietnamese see international travelers.


  • Do not use rickshaw ride in the evening.
  • Extremely be careful while crossing the street. You should look both sides. Besides, waiting for the street light is essential.
  • When venturing such as climbing, it is convenient to bring only survival things. You do not need to bring valuable things such as ring or necklace; credit card and necessary documents.
  • Consider carefully when you give money to a beggar. Sending money to the reputation organization is recommended.
  • Control your feelings and behavior accurately.


Vietnam Dong is the primary currency. You should check the exchange rate online before traveling. Some shops, hotels, and restaurants accept the US dollar. Exchange money can be dealt at the airport or exchange area. Pronounce your bank about your trip to avoid potential problems.

Cash is preferable in Vietnam, but you can easily find an ATM here. Remember to check the surcharge. Tips are appreciated for excellent services.


In Vietnam, Visas are available, but confirmation documents are required. You should get visas from the domestic government. Vietnam Bike Tours have the ability to set up the Vietnamese VOA. Six-month passport is also required.



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It is profitable to purchase some local goods. However, spending your money wisely is important.

  • Do not buy products which made from the animal. Conservation is necessary.
  • Customized products are popular. Especially, you can receive your product in just 24 hours. Additionally, Ao Dai is one of the precious souvenirs for both women and men.
  • Jewelry (made from silver or lacquer) is the good choice as a gift for family and friends.
  • Remember to bargain when shopping in Vietnam because of the flexible price.

These are things we can think. Please help to add in any idea if you think we need to know.

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