Why should we cycle in Ninh Binh Vietnam

Ninh Binh with the nickname of ‘dry Halong Bay,’ is famous and unforgettable for some reasons.

Then, it is great and a must to cycle in Ninh Binh Vietnam:

  • Firstly, the picturesque rides amidst the crystal fresh waters and fairy tale mountains reflect the beautiful and karst landscape.
  • Secondly, abundant vegetation presented in fifty shades of the green surrounds its narrow channel.
  • Last but not least, the bike rides are with fully surreal experience.

cycle in Ninh Binh Vietnam



Why should we go to Ninh Binh by bike?

A reasonable price

Choosing a boat among many rowing boats which are awaiting the mass tourism patiently with the high price is not the best idea. There’s another better option less touristy and less expensive to make a fantastic tour around Ninh Binh: the bike.

cycle in Ninh Binh Vietnam

Just a couple of dollars will be spent for renting a bike. Nothing is more surreal than many tiny roads located on some small dams right between such ponds. And one more thing, as we pass by, goats run ahead all of us and quaking ducks try to rush into the pool.Greater views

If you think you can find another place for the rowing boat trip, it’s fine. However, the trip on cycling among the spectacular view of Ninh Binh is much better. You can stop anywhere you want and enjoy more the beauty of the place. Bicycles can go faster than boats and you can explore more the amazing view of the place. If you think cycling can make you exhausted, it’s not the case here. Slowly cycling at flat trails and ejoy small breezes from mountains, you will have the same feeling like sitting on the sampan.

Some interesting places in Ninh Binh

And a living countryside is open before your eyes when you drive west.

Thung Nham bird sanctuary

This village is indeed engaged in the miraculous fish catch with huge nets. Then, you pass more opportunities of the boat trip, before reaching some Thung Nham bird sanctuary. You must be very excited to go sightseeing of 400-step Buddha cave along with the gothic stalactites as well as the endless duck walks by passing through a grotto with the psychedelic lighting.

Lastly, a thrilled trip to the luscious orchard and soaring bats with the 1000-year-old tree will surprise you impressively.

Trang An

Another day, heading toward Trang An in the east under Google Maps instruction is so challenged but fantastic. You reach to the Mua Cave after few more miles of winding pastoral landscapes and backroads. The ticket is steep but you can leave it to Mekong Trails. Climbing many steps for the scenic and spectacular view of this karst landscape is a real attraction.

And don’t forget to pass by the Trang An eco-park which is the lovely and manicured version of Tam Coc. It’s a super value and super pro with a lovely journey within 2 hours into a boat for 4-persons, newly added ancient temples which may boost your mystic feel.

Hoa Lu ancient temple

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An amazing and beautiful corner belonged to Ninh Binh, which you should never skip is Hoa Lu Ancient Temple. There is not much remaining of its ancient capital except for 2 temples. It’s the lovely design with this pond, the wooden temple, and various courtyards to serve the Dinh Tien Hoang emperor. Visiting the temple and hearing the story from the cycling tour guide about things happened thousand years ago here are also interesting things.

It is about 20 km from Tam Coc and takes 1 hour to ride back to the visitor center. So, you should ride as fast as you can because it’s getting dark quickly. However, if your bike has light so it’s nice not to fall down canals along your cycling trails. At the time of moon, you will find another amazing landscape of Ninh Binh with moonlight over green rice fields of Vietnam.

Life is not always hard, isn’t it? Are you ready for your cycle in Ninh Binh Vietnam?

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