Cuchi tunnel the guerrilla war amazing system


The Cuchi tunnel general information

The Cuchi tunnel locates 70km North of Saigon and is an immense network of over 250 km of tube underground for the guerrilla fighting technique of Viet Cong against American troops and South Vietnam Army. The Cuchi tunnel was the hiding spots during combat, communication and supply routes, trooping fro here to there without leaving any hint, hospitals, schools, food and weapon caches and living quarters for Viet Cong plus North Vietnamese fighters.

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel Cuchi tunnel

Cuchi tunnel can be made in halfday or can be combined with Saigon City Tour to make a full day trip. the trip can be fully engaged with war stories and could be heavy for some of you as seeing the tough life at war time. Visitors can see the entrance of the tunnels, kind of traps made by Viet Cong at their Guerrilla war techniques. Those traps can explain how basic weapons can effectively be against the most modern ones.

The trip to Cuchi tunnel can come with experience of walking into the rubber plantations. Tour guides will explain how latex is made fro the tree. That’s why youth can visit this place with the factor of educational travel.

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel Cuchi tunnel

The Cuchi tunnel tour

One of the excitement of visitors, in addition to the stories of war long time ago, is the shooting range. Tourists can pay to have an experience of shooting real AK 47 made by Russia or M16 made by Amercian. They even can make a long sound of machine gun. For some this is so noisy but for other this can be an one-for-a-life time experience.

The Cuchi tunnel system is a true exposure for using guerrilla technique to cope with strong forces of American army. It is a best outdoor educational section for learning from the history.

The Cuchi Tunnel trip can be made by car or by boat. The boat trip takes longer but it is so awesome for the fresh air on the river.

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