What cities along Mekong cruises? – Mekong River Cruise Tips

The diversity of culture in cities along Mekong cruises will take you to surprises. Below are some cities along Mekong cruises that you should put in your bucket list:


Siem Reap

This city is considered the fastest growing in Cambodia, with luxury hotels and modern streets. However, you also have a chance to access its ancient beauty through the gateway to the crown jewel of Khmer architecture, or the 12th-century temple of Angkor Watt. The treasure of Siem Reap city is Angkor Wat, which was dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. To build this wonder, it took 37 years and over 300,000 workers and slaves on King Suryavarman II dynasty.

Phnom Penh

The capital of Cambodia is famous for its bustling markets and retail businesses fill the French Colonial-style storefronts downtown. In the city, the history mark still remains today, since the French protectorate and the Khmer Rouge, which affect heavily on people of Phnom Penh. The skulls of the war victim can be found everywhere from mass graves to memorial tower, which ensures that the two million Cambodians who lost their lives will never be forgotten. Visiting this place will give you a sense of sympathy and a chance to know more about crime of war.

Tan Chau

cities along Mekong cruises

This Mekong town is very close to the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. To discover this river town, it’s an excellent idea to ride a traditional rickshaw, so that you can contemplate the rustic beauty of this South Vietnam town. When visiting Tan Chau, you cannot miss the small factories where people produce silk – characteristic product of this city. Silk is made from ebony tree and the deep black silk dyed with the berries from the Diospyros mollis.

Sa Dec


This city is known as the flower city due to the diversity in this plants. If you travel by ship, Sa Dec will be reachable via a sampan cruise along the canals and backwaters of the Mekong Delta. Apart from flower, Sa Dec is also well known for its lively market which a lot of unique animals sold there, for instance: rat (served fried), snakes, frogs, snails and duck embryos.

Cai Be

Cai Be is of the most dynamic town in Mekong Delta, which you can access to by sampan. In this city, you can visit special markets in the western of Vietnam, where merchants advertise what they’re offering via a sample that dangles from a bamboo pole. The most attraction is s factory of artisans, who demonstrate how to make coconut taffy, popped rice and rice wine. In the market, the bustling atmosphere will make you feel a part of it and want to explore more. The people here are very friendly and honest, which makes you feel totally immersed.

Above are some suggestions for your bucket travel list. Hope that you will enjoy extremely cities along Mekong cruise and have lots of great memories.


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