Christine and Bob with Saigon city tour

Mekong Trails  recently get honored to welcome Christine and Bob to enjoy the Saigon city tour from the cruise ship Sapphire Princess. Thanks from the recommendations from the friends and we have Christine and Bob as new friends.

Follow our foot trails and we show you a piece of our experience of the day.

Hoang is one among guide group and ready for the welcome



The history part of Saigon city tour

Historical sites are for starting the day after getting transferred from the cruise ship.

We visit the Reunification Palace which one the working and living place of South Vietnam Presedent before 1975. Now it is only a museum for the stories of history.


The entrance is worldwide famous as it marks the end of Southern Government when the tank from North crashed it.

vietnam tours17

Hoang has shown more the history of the city which most of them is with the war

vietnam tours18

Christine and Bob even got down to the special underground corridor where big bombs could not reach


Other highlights of the city are also visited. Those helps to remains Saigon a sense of colonial vintage.

North Dame Cathedral, Saigon City


The local life part of Saigon city tour

However, the trip deep into the local daily life takes the most interest from Christine and Bob. Visiting to the markets, getting the real smells of a wet market in Asia, hearing the noises, capturing the multi colors of products and goods, and feeling the true emotions of the local people among their journey of earning money for the life. The visit to the daily life part make the trip looks like no other at the city tours Christine and Bob have experienced.

The mobile food store which provides most delicious street food in the world


becoming a local people among local ambiance


vietnam tours12

vietnam tours15

Getting thru this chaos is a challenge, but a true touch to the real life in this tropical sun of Asia

vietnam tours13

The trip could not be a great one if the gastronomy is not a part of it. Hoang has introduced Christine and Bob the Pho, the special food of Vietnamese that is already in the Oxford dictionary. It is tasty, easy to eat, and not too big for a lunch.

Christine and Bob is enjoying Pho. Around their bowl of pho are the recipes to make Pho the great: basil, herbs, corrianda, ketchup, soya paste, and the like.


Saigon might be a city of love !!! Christine and Bob is standing by a bicycle carrying the fish catching tools of Vietnamese fishermen.


More photos of the experience of Christine and Bob can be seen here

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