We hope these posts about Vietnam Customized Tours will help you to have best preparation for designing the best private tour ever in Asia.

There are many reasons for you to choose your way of private tours. It might be your personal interest. It might be also a family tour in Vietnam. You are afraid a group tour is not really suitable for the pace and taste of travel for your children and parents. Mekong Trails knows that and stands on your shoes.

Our team then has sevaral posts to give you some ideas. We also love to trigger experiences you might not want to miss. We are the local Vietnamese with solid expertise in private tours in Vietnam. However, we might not sure what is your personal interest. Please contact us if you want to know more something.

And firstly, enjoy reading !

Hoian Weather

Hoian weather and best time to visit Hoian

Understanding Hoian weather is a rather important point to have great experiences there as you can expect. About Hoian Ancient Town The Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese and others has made Hoi An in Vietnam a stopover for their…
Personalized tours to Vietnam

Best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia are on the same peninsula named Indochina and then share the same weather. It is also convenient for travelers to continue to the other country after going thru one country. So, the most common question travelers ask is…
Private tour

How do you start to plan your Vietnam tour?

The following post is to provide some advises for any to prepare the Vietnam tour and to make it one of the greatest experience of your life. Define what you need in your Vietnam tour? First you need to define which type of trip you are looking…
Vietnam tour - Hoian weather

9 awesome things in Hoian you must not miss

Along with the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Hoi An has been one of the well-known places preserving the ancient and historic beauty of Vietnam. We would like to recommend some awesome activities at your customized tours in Hoian. Taking a walk around…

Vietnam private tours

There are times you are fed up with sharing the Vietnam tour with uncomfortable travel companions. Vietnam private tours are then the great choice to get the full taste of Vietnam in the most enjoyable experience. That's the possibility of…
Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam adventure

Trues and lies in advertisement about private Vietnam tours

When booking private Vietnam tours, you might face commitments from travel advisors. Knowing what are right and what are not right is great to set your expectation and make your trip in Vietnam the most satisfactory. Trues on private Vietnam…

Advice for designing a Customized tours in Vietnam

The information below is only for reference and opening new ideas for your trip. We understand that designing customized tours should focus more to individuals to make the best program. Ideas for customized tours in Hanoi Hanoi city tour. …

More special exprience at Vietnam customized tour - Part 2

You have followed us in the previous post about Vietnam customized tour and learn some special experiences in Halong and Hue. And now we would like to invite you to enjoy some more experience near Saigon. Visit a local pottery kiln and learn…

Special experience to consider at customized tours Vietnam - Part 1

Even in a customized tours Vietnam, travellers still need to see the typical highlights of the country like Halong, Sapa, or Hoian. In the scope of this post we would like to mention some special experience you might want to enjoy. Fly seaplane…

Revealed: Why we Mekong Trails focus on personalized tours to Vietnam

There should be some reasons why our company Mekong Trails focuses only on personalized tours to Vietnam. Reading the following and you will find the reason why our slogan under the logo is “for personalized travel request”. 1. Someone…
Vietnam Cycling Tours - Hue

What do you do when planning your customized Vietnam tours?

We think designing your customized Vietnam tours is already a start for your Vietnam experience. Making it enjoyable, easy and comfortable is also great. Turn it also a memory of your Vietnam, too. Settle your expectation. First you must not…
Private tour

How to enjoy Mekong boat trip

There is a quote that: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Don’t hesitate to become a storyteller at the moment with a desirable journey to Mekong Delta. Below are some tips for you to enjoy Mekong…