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This is another series of posts about travelling in Vietnam. It tells you what are great, what are deep and how to make it best. It might also discribe what are not good, and what are not up to your style.

Read these and dicover what should be best for your trip to Vietnam. If you think Vietnam Culture Discovery is the prime interest of your trip, then these post are much more helpful to you.

We are local Vietnamese and we are not sure what impressive to you most about the culture in Vietnam. We just try best to show you what we think the true authentic and you might want to know before your travel. So, we are happy to receive your questions. Please contact us to make better preparation for your trip to a country of deep culture.

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When is the best time to visit Mekong?

You fall in love with Mekong Delta and decide to make a trip in the future. However, you don’t know exactly when is the best time to visit Mekong to entirely contemplate the beauty of nature and people of this place. This article can give…
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Saigon Travel Advice - Travel guide the read before you go

Saigon Travel Advice Saigon, or Hochiminh is a city of charm, and friendliness. We may call it Saigon, or Hochiminh city; neither are wrong. Saigon was the old name before 1976 and the name of Hochiminh city came after that. Welcome to my city,…
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Mountain biking rules in your trail - General Vietnam cycling tips

Introduction of mountain biking rules Our following mountain bike rules will minimize the humankind’s impact on the environment along with promoting the friendly relationships. These relationship are applicable for each trail user through…

5 must do things for vacation to Sapa

Owning the fresh air along with great landscapes of mountains, hills as well as terraced fields, Sapa is known as the Northern Vietnamese capital of summer which was chosen in the 1900s to build the very first hill station by French.  Most…