Biking trips in Vietnam – Bicycles or motorbikes

Biking trips in Vietnam is a hot activity for travelers to Southeast Asia recently. Many people have come, experienced the routes, made blog post and clips, and found they have chosen the right way to see Vietnam.

Biking trips in Vietnam

So, what are their choices for biking trips in Vietnam?


Biking trips in Vietnam by motorbikes.

Some choose motorbikes for their Vietnam exploration. Motorbike is fast and travellers do not spend much energy on going a head. Motorbike is still great enough to go into small trails at villages where bus and car could not access. That’s the greatest point for discovering the authentic life style and special landscape of Vietnam.

Those motorcyclist can do biking in Vietnam by going from North to South and vice versa. They can arrive Hanoi, buying a secondhand motorbike, going to Northwest or Northeast mountain areas and enjoy the great landscape of mountain, of terraced rice farm, of untouched cultures of hill tribes. They then make a two weeks biking to South along national highways number one or along Hochiminh Trails. When they arrive South and finish the Mekong cycling, they can sell out the bike and keep the best memory of life forever.

Biking trips in Vietnam


Some others do not have condition or big interest to do a whole country motorbiking. They can do at cities only. Small cities like Hue or Hoian are great to explore the place with a so close-up to local people life. Motorbikes can help them to come to villages near by the city, seeing an authentic Vietnam countryside with just one day or even half day apart from their classic travel of Vietnam. The one day trips on motorbikes in Hanoi, in Hue, in DMZ, in Hoian and even in Saigon are the new way of adventurous travelers now.

Biking trips in Vietnam by bicycles.

There is one more way to do biking in Vietnam: that is to ride a push bike to the trails instead of motorbikes. Bicycles are not fast then it is fantastic to digest the beauty along the trails of Vietnam. Bicycles are not noisy then it’s so peaceful to enjoy the nature and villages along the cycling routes. When we ride a bicycle, we don’t make noise and scary to local people then we meet many local people, touch children hands and get smiles and hello yelling from all local people.

The common bicycles to be used at this biking in Vietnam are mountain bikes. Those can help to stay stable even at semi-paved roads, at dirt roads or even muddy trails.

Some people can bring their own bicycles from home to Vietnam. However, it’s not so common. The cost of transporting a bike is not cheap. What is more, the spare parts and the suitability of the roads are big concerns. That’s why most of people use the bicycles in Vietnam only.

Most of people do biking trips in Vietnam by bicycles will use the service of a local cycling company. These companies have their own system of supplying bicycles, trucks to carry bicycles, bicycle repeaters and cycling tour guides. A good cycling tour guide is top important as he knows great small trails across villages that travellers could not find just with GPS. He will bring great experience of villages, beautiful spots to pass by and great meeting local people that we remember forever.

The cycling trips in Vietnam are also at variety of duration. Some can do the whole country from North to South of vice versa within 3 weeks. Other cyclists just do apart of the country where they think it’s best for cycling. Some other just do one day here one day there in addition to their classic tours. Any of these can be great time to burn camera with heaps of true Vietnam pictures, to make memories.

What are your favorite biking trips in Vietnam?

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