When is the best time to visit Mekong?

You fall in love with Mekong Delta and decide to make a trip in the future. However, you don’t know exactly when is the best time to visit Mekong to entirely contemplate the beauty of nature and people of this place. This article can give you some useful advices for a perfect Mekong Delta tour.


Best time to visit Mekong – harmonize the monsoons

To make a meaningful tour, first of all, you should bear in mind about the weather of Mekong Delta, which is original and different from all other regions in Vietnam. There are two typical kinds of season: dry (from November through April/May) and rainy (from May to October).

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Mekong Delta has a pleasant tropical monsoonal climate, which gets plenty of rain and hot, humid from April to September, especially wet in June and July. Moreover, you can see the floods at various depths in scattered areas, which are caused by heavy rain and southwest monsoon. Nevertheless, it’s not affecting much on your plan to visit Mekong because such rains just last an hour or two.

When the rain season comes, the weather seems to be more comfortable for foreigners because of lower heat. Therefore, you and your friends can easily explore the river areas, the resident life as well as the fruit gardens. In this season, a lot of festivals will take place which you may be interested in. For example, the New Year festival of Khmer people (Cholchonam Thomay) and the Opening Crop Festival. Don’t forget to taste the fruits of Southwest, which are famous on over the country.  So, it’s wrong to say that rain season is not the best time to visit Mekong.

Another season that you need to note down is flooding occasion happening between October and November, especially in remote areas around Dong Thap and Tra Vinh. If your trip is planned to start at this time, please stay informed of regional weather forecast ahead. Unlike your imagination, flooding is not considered as natural disaster by inhabitants. Despite sweeping everything away, the flood brings lots of rich brown alluvial water to the delta. This is also the income season for local people with huge flows of fishes and water vegetables.

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Best time to visit Mekong – Our advice

Our advice for your best time to visit Mekong is also during the winter, from November through February.

It’s cooler then and the rainy season, which runs from July through October, has passed. You should note that the cruise portion along the Mekong River and Lake Tonle Sap in Cambodia can be affected by seasonal water levels, so itinerary details are subject to change. Another factor is that the river reaches its highest level in September. The surge of river water can increase the lake’s size six-fold, and transforms it into one of the world’s most productive fisheries.

For the best updated information of Mekong cruises owing to water level un Mekong river, please ask us.

For the best updated information of Mekong cruises owing to water level in Mekong river

In conclusion, we can say that there is not best time to visit Mekong. You can visit Mekong Delta all year round with fruits in the four seasons and fresh environment. Each season has its all exclusive beauty waiting you to explore. However, you should note down some key factors as above to have a perfect Mekong Delta cruise. Mekong Delta is looking forward to hearing from you.


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