Best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia are on the same peninsula named Indochina and then share the same weather. It is also convenient for travelers to continue to the other country after going thru one country. So, the most common question travelers ask is that what is the best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia?

Yes, fine. That’s the most important question. We know the difference in weather can make certain difference in travel experience. However, it’s very hard to say what is the best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia. This is because some of the followings.

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Is dry season the best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia?

There are two seasons in Vietnam: wet season and dry season. You might read this a lot across travel advices of the webs, famous or not. These are sucks, as this helps nothing to identify the right time at the right place.

In the South of Vietnam and Cambodia, dry season is from October till April of the next year. Dry season here means no raining, temperature around 35 decree Celsius, humidity around 60%. You will feel dry and hot. Anyway, in spite of busy sites like Angkor, it is the dry season which is the best time for trips to South Vietnam and Cambodia. Between December and April, the coast in the South Cambodia is full of sunshine and blue water is a charming destination for any traveling lovers. Vietnam in South is full of travelers, as any believes that is the best time of the year to visit.

Best time to travel to Vietnam


By the meantime, the weather in the North and Central Vietnam does not show the same picture at that time. Raining is rather popular and regular. In the North it might be cold and temperature can be around 15 – 25 decrees Celsius. There are several storms in the Central Vietnam, and flood might come after that. This is of potential to allow you to stay some more days in the area because flight might be canceled, and cars do not work because flood is too bad. You can’t escape from the city. The positive look is that walking in the flood can be a very interesting experience to see more local life at flood time.

So don’t believe the advice that just come to Vietnam at dry season. Yes, dry season is not bad, but where?

Is wet season not the best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia?

The wet season in the South is from April to October of the same year. It is hotter and more humid because the impact of monsoon from Indian Ocean. The rain comes every day. Nevertheless, the rain lasts only two or three hours per day in the afternoon (except the tropical low days), and sunshine comes before and after that. We can consider this is great for the trip to see anything.

At that time it’s very hot in the Central and extremely hot in the North. This is good for beach time but not good at all for city tours. Choosing the time from April till Oct will make your trip the not experience from North to South. Of course we don’t count the days of tropical low.

What is my choice for best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia?

We advice to travel here at the edges of the season change. This means September – October or March April. These time section are times weather are good across the country. It’s cool with flowers and falls in the North. It’s also less raining in the South with pleasant humidity. Or course, there are always some storms or tropical lows along the road. This is inevitable. The weather is the weather. Furthermore, from September to October, a journey to Battambang in Cambodia should be put into consideration because of bad roads which are not paved with heavy rains.

In final word, Vietnam is beautiful at any weather situation. So just pack your luggage, book your flight and come with the most freedom of adventure. That spirit makes you feel the  time you are in Vietnam is best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia

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