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Along with the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Hoi An has been one of the well-known places preserving the ancient and historic beauty of Vietnam. We would like to recommend some awesome activities at your customized tours in Hoian.

Taking a walk around the old town, enjoying rustic food or boating on the Hoai River are unforgettable experiences for travelers in Hoi An – the first-ranking trading port of Southeast Asia in the past.

Wandering in the small alleys of Old Town

For centuries, a lot of ancient houses in Hoi An have been in their status quo. The reason is that the local is too poor to renovate their houses. Such preservation from old yellow walls, small alleys to the riverside, bring visitors the feeling as if they were in many years ago.  At night, the Old Town looks like a banquet of lights with dozens of lanterns. It is a picture which combines the tranquility of the ancient architecture with the lively of the modern life. This is the prime activity for your customized tours in Hoian.

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Tailoring your most fashionable clothes

Many visitors come to Hoi An and have opportunities to get clothes which are designed and made from their own ideas only after several days at a reasonable price. In Hoi An, there are nearly 400 tailors. They create any orders on suits, bags and others from customers.

Yaly is ranked as one of the most prestigious shops for such demand in Hoi An. Professional workmanship, abundance of fabric as well as high quality has built up this brand. On explanation for the fame is that there is always a large number of customers awaiting to enjoy its services regardless of the high price. But believe us that most of the shop in town can make you happy with beautiful clothes and nice interaction.

Riding bicycle at village trails around the Old Town

Cycling in the town will bring visitors the wonderful time of discovering every alleys. The bike takes them through the tree-lined street corners along with porch roofs full of confetti. At the end of the road, they can slowly pedal through a large bridge connecting two sides of the Old Town and enjoy the cool atmosphere from the Hoai River.

The ideal time to ride is from 15:00. If you are lucky enough, you can admire the poetic scene of the sunshine at the end of the day and the magical sunset on the river.

Swimming at the wild beach of Hoian

You can have some swim at the beach of Hoian which is wild and beautiful. There are some sections with little impact of wave, but most of the place can be considered one of the best beach in Asia. The sand is so white, the beach is not steep, the wave is small and the beach is not crowded at all.

Tasting seafood at fishing village.

After swimming at the beautiful beach, you might be hungry. And it’s great to enjoy the fresh seafood at the stalls along the fishing village just near the beach. The freshness makes the squid, fish and shrimp so good taste. The local might not process in a complicated way. However, wild BBQ or steaming with ginger will be great ways to make your best seafood dish so far. Come and try, and feel the good taste of life at your customized tours in Hoian.

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Cruising in the river for sunset and local life

One day of sailing on the Thu Bon River promises to offer visitors a great sense of such river with the beautiful color of sunshine. Boat along the river branch is the time for all of them to enjoy the romantic scenery on both sides as well as the life of people here. Tourists will be surprised by the idyllic beauty and rural folk of the Vietnamese Central area. No noise, bustling as the city but quiet to settle the emotions in the hearts of the visitors.

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Admiring the art of lanterns

Lanterns are daily used, especially most of the festivals in the Old Town. But, it seems to be the most sparkling on the full moon night. It is highly recommended for tourists to visit the town on the Mid – Autumn Festival and have the soul in peace. Moreover, lanterns may be the first choice for any visitors to buy as souvenirs for family and friends.

Eating Hoian famous food.

It will be a mistake if we don’t mention the food in Hoian. We also separate it from seafood we ave mentioned above. It’s because food in Hoian is specially tasty with authentic ways of Vietnamese. You must try “my Quang” which is rice noodle with vegetables, pork, shrimps and many other great herbs. You can order a “com ga” which is a kind of chicken rice. The special way of cooking make the rice so tasty. You even can queue in a like a buy a “banh my” which is a so nice baguette with Vietnamese additives insides. Come and taste more in your customized tours in Hoian.

Doing nothing

Exactly you sit down at some bistros or small cafe along the river, calling a beer, seeing people passing by among the background of the beautiful ancient town and great water front landscape. Think of nothing and do no plan. Just sip the beers and enjoy every second in the ambiance of the Ancient town of Hoian.

Hoian is always charming and we strongly recommend you to add Hoian into your Vietnam itinerary. More importantly, don’t miss the activities above in your customized tours in Hoian to fully enjoy this elegant destination.

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