Cycling Vietnam is the best option to contemplate the beauty of this South East country. If you have a plan to travel on bike, and run some Vietnam cycling at cities, there are some interesting suggestions for you.

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Vung Tau

With a gorgeous coastline and a wonderful weather, Vung Tau has always been the heaven for cyclists to enjoy their holidays. Not only can you go to the beach (Bai Truoc, Bai Sau, Bai Duong), but you also have a chance to climb the Jesus Statue, which is the biggest one in Asia.

Vietnam Cycling at cities

There are many other choices for your Vung Tau Vietnam cycling at cities. For example, White Palace (or Bach Dinh in Vietnamese) is the place for learning the history of Vietnam. In the evening, you and your friends can enjoy the romantic atmosphere in the café or watch the sunset on the beach.

Da Nang

Da Nang is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam, which attracts millions of visitors each year. Like Vung Tau, it is also a coastal city with white sand beaches sloping gently to the sea. Therefore, it is very suitable to have a Vietnam cycling at cities here.


The magical position, which is as leaning to the majestic Truong Son range, makes it much more famous with foreigner. For those who enjoy adventurous challenges, Hai Van Pass becomes a magnificent destination. The longest tunnel road of Vietnam was opened here for trucks and other transportation vehicles, so you can easily approach the quiet road to the pass top by bike, looking over fantastic view to the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, the purity and friendly environment of Da Nang is the reason why you should plan to have a Vietnam cycling at cities right now.

Vietnam Cycling-Hai-Van-Pass

Da Lat

Thanks to romantic sceneries and mild weather, Da Lat has been known as the city of love or the rhythmic land of flowers. Many incredible songs and poems were composed here, because the specific style of this city has strongly inspired the artists.

Da Lat also offers a chance for overseas visitors to reduce stress, figure out a bit of the French legacy and relish variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, you will have opportunities to enjoy some of the best mountain biking, hiking and canopying in Vietnam. Then the trip Vietnam cycling at cities could not miss Dalat.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is famous for beaches and an oceanographic atmosphere. The city is not quiet like other small towns of Vietnam, but it is still great place for cycling around on your Vietnam cycling at cities.

Take a riding along the beaches with length up to 20 km is a great experience at any day, of which mostly sunshine with white cloud. A cycling up hills along the beautiful corners made by cliffs, endless sea view and mountain is also a highlight to think of. And though you are a beach city, don’t forget to go backroads of the cities where you can enjoy the feeling of cycling among rice fields, getting cross small rivers with tiny bridges, and meet local with most friendly smiles.

Nha Trang Vietnam discovery

Ha Noi

Ha Noi is the capital of Vietnam which has a deep-seated culture and history. It is the ideal destination for those who are interested in the long lasting tradition of this S-shape country.

Besides cultural and historic relics, Hanoi takes pride in itself for many significant lakes. Hoan Kiem Lake, Truc Bach, Bay Mau,etc., make the face of this city. The 4 seasons with 4 identifications are the attractiveness for cyclists. With a bike, you can easily travel around lakes, enjoy the food and visit other wonderful sight-seeing of the heart of Vietnam.

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel

In short, Vietnam cycling at cities will help you understand thoughtfully about the highlights of this dragon-shape country. 4 destinations mentioned above are the ones you should consider first whenever having a tour. Have a nice journey!

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  1. Tonya
    Tonya says:

    Cycling is no often a way of seeing a country I think of, but I love how you highlight the different areas and I would love to try Hanoi, it looks beautiful

  2. mark wyld
    mark wyld says:

    What a great way to see the beautiful countryside. Nothing better than riding a bike slowly experiencing the world around us at a pace that we can take in, not just zooming by us at 100 km an hour. So many diverse area’s you can see on bike

  3. Annita
    Annita says:

    Vietnam is a country that has been on my list of “must go” places. Your photos and descriptions make the cities come alive. Thanks for the inspiration!


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