10 must-read advices for cycling Vietnam

Let’s read my 10 tips for cycling around Vietnam after experiencing the wonderful landscape and learning the local history and culture.


#1 Follow the rules

No matter where you are, following the rule is important. It reduces the capacity of having accidents and injuries.

#2 Remember to have conversation

Vietnam Cycling Mekong - advices for cycling Vietnam

It will be bored if you ride alone. It is not necessary to talk about everything. Sharing experiences about cycling enhance your skills and knowledge as well as build a strong relationship with your partners. Especially, it is easy to chat when riding when you are cycling on the flat roads. Even thought my group only has three people, I was excited to talk with others.

#3 Look around

Observing the beautiful landscape around you when riding helps you feel the peaceful atmosphere truthfully and deeply. You will find many interesting things such as the magnificent sea view or marvelous tree.

#4 Respect the citizen

Friendliness is one of the representative characteristics of Vietnamese. It is extremely normal when someone says “Hello” to you. Furthermore, they will greet you with a friendly wave or humble smile. The cordial smile is always on the face to welcome new guests.

#5 Experience new things every day


advices for cycling Vietnam

With the amazing view, you can feel the sound of the wind, the soul of mountains and the spirit of culture when you ride to many exciting places.

#6 Enjoy your ride

Vietnam Cylcing Tours - Biking VietnamThe main purpose of riding is freedom. After many long working days, this is your opportunity to refresh and energize yourself. Because Vietnam is in the tropical region, you will definitely experience the hot, the sun, and the heat. It will be tired when you ride in bad condition. However, do not hesitate to fully enjoy the ride. You are free to get dirty, to lose control, and to have good times.

#7 Learn history

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel

We all know that the history in Vietnam is thick and fierce. When we visited those ancient monuments, we realized how miserable life was in the war. By this way, we respect the bravery of Vietnamese people.

#8 Have a meal with the local citizens

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel

Local food represents the spirit of the region. It is fresh, healthy, and delicious. Moreover, food made by the local citizen is cheaper than in resort or restaurant. And you contribute to the local business.

#9 Hydration, high temperature, and apply sunscreen

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel

The symbolic weather in Vietnam is sunny and hot. Make sure that you drink 500ml an hour to prevent hydration. Your partners will always wait for you. Hence you will get closer. However, it is enjoyable to ride alone and relish the stunning landscape around you. Remember to apply your sunscreen directly to avoid sunburn.

#10 Make memories

Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel - advices for cycling Vietnam

Let make a lot of memories. Hence you will not regret the reason you come to Vietnam. These memories help you remember how happy you were as well as how beautiful Vietnam was.

With these above 10 wonderful tips, Mekong Trails would like to guide and support further your trip during your cycling time around Vietnam.

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