We would like to introduce a series of articles about experiences and travel advices for trips on cruises along the Mekong River – Mekong Cruise.

We hope the stories will help to make certain preparation for your coming trip. It might give you an imagination to set your expectation. It also might give you a portfolio of different experiences at Mekong river, from Vietnam to Cambodia.

And if you can’t find your answer here, you can contact us anytime. We are happy to give you our understanding about  this lovely cruise. If you find any topic you want to read about Mekong cruise, please also tell us. We will try best to bring you joy on the travel along this almighty Mekong river.

Because, the cruise is very new and we try to make it the best cruise in the world.

As ever, enjoy reading.


More special exprience at Vietnam customized tour - Part 2

You have followed us in the previous post about Vietnam customized tour and learn some special experiences in Halong and Hue. Now we would like to invite you to enjoy some more experience near Saigon. Visit a local pottery kiln and learn how…

Mekong cruise must-do - Mekong River Cruise Tips

You are very excited for your trip to Mekong now and nearly complete your packing. However, there are still some Mekong cruise must-do things as below that you need to have a look at! Prepare health set In order to enjoy your Mekong…

What cities along Mekong cruises? - Mekong River Cruise Tips

The diversity of culture in cities along Mekong cruises will take you to surprises. Below are some cities along Mekong cruises that you should put in your bucket list: Siem Reap This city is considered the fastest growing in Cambodia,…

What’s on a Mekong cruise itinerary - Mekong River Cruise tips

It will take two weeks or more to have a Mekong river cruise land tour. This tour includes several overnights aboard ship and nights in hotels. Most of Mekong cruise itinerary start and end in Vietnam, so you can flexibly choose the destinations…
Vietnam Discovery - Vietnam Tours - Vietnam Travel

Initial need-to-know information before booking Mekong Cruise - Mekong River Cruise Tips

Mekong River is well-known as the longest river in Southeast Asia with the flow of 2,700 miles (fed by snow melt from the Himalayas of Tibet). The alluvium from Mekong River makes the area where it flows through become one of the most prosperous…